Particle Accelerator


For the operation of particle accelerators it is essential that modules can be easily and quickly removed and replaced. The number of the employed power amplifier modules in our multi module amplifiers determine the maximum output power. In the rare case a module should fail its replacement is a matter of minutes. Modules can be arbitrarily combined with each other.


The amplifier deliver the nominal output power continuously. Often our transistorized amplifiers are used as driver for a tube amplifier. Due to the modular design of our amplifiers it is well possible to replace with it also the tube amplifiers.


The amplifiers protect themselves against improper opteration conditions. Relevant parameters can be requested. Various communication interfaces are available.


Our amplifier stages employ state of the art LDMOS technology. This way the amplifiers can handle mismatch conditions. Linearity and stability are essential features that our amplifiers inherit from a careful design process. All relevant parameters are monitored with a micro controller that also protects the amplifier against improper operating conditions. Modern components together with intelligent software garantee a high reliability of the amplifiers for your application.

Product information of our modular amplifiers as pdf download.

Often it is possible to realize different frequency bandwidths and power levels without much effort. In case you could not find exactely the product you are looking for please let us know.


Overview as pdf download.

Besides the design and production of state of the art amplifiers we also offer repair and service for amplifiers from other manufacturers (AMT Herley, Dressler,

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