With spectroscopy it is essential that the radio frequency pulse power amplifier amplifies the input signal and delivers it purely. Therefore, our RFPA amplifiers we have designed so that they deliver the nominal output power easily. This way the amplifiers achieve not only a very good linearity but also the harmonic distortion stays low. Compression at the nominal output power if at all just begins.


A matter of special importance is the amplifier’s stability namely with both amplitude and phase of the output signal in reference to the input signal. This is especially true for long measurement cycles. The amplifiers of the RFPA series take these needs into account and employ adequate precautions.


After the RF pulse is delivered the system must switch to receive as quickly as possible. In order to allow that the RF amplifier must have a short fall time. Subsequent the measurement shall continue with as little of delay as possible. Therefore, the amplifier’s pre-gating time must be short. With the design of the state of the art final amplifier stages we payed attention to both.


Our final amplifier stages employ state of the art LDMOS technology. This way the amplifiers are rugged and can handle reflected power due to mismatch conditions. All important parameters are monitored with a micro controller that also protects the amplifier against improper operating conditions. Modern components together with intelligent software garantee a high reliability of the amplifiers for your application.

Amplifier Modules

Besides the pulse power amplifier housed in 19” cabinets we also offer amplifier modules. These simply have the RF amplifier stages mounted on a chill plate. They come without power supply and controller. The module’s size and form factor can be tailored to your application. Whenever your system shall be very compact this may be an ideal solution for you.

Amplifiers for Low Field Systems

Download the product information of the amplifiers for low field systems.

Amplifiers for 1.5-Tesla Systems


Overview as pdf download.

Product information of our amplifiers for 1.5T systems as pdf download.

Amplifiers for 3-Tesla Systems


Overview as pdf download.

Product information of our amplifiers for 3T systems as pdf download.

Amplifiers for 7-Tesla Systems


Overview as pdf download.

Product information of our amplifiers for 7T systems as pdf download.

Amplifiers for 9.4-Tesla Systems


Overview as pdf download.

Product information of our amplifiers for 9,4T systems as pdf download.

Amplifiers for 11.7-Tesla Systems


Overview as pdf download.

Product information of our amplifiers for 11.7-Tesla systems as pdf download.

Gradienten Amplifier

We have designed a customized gradient amplifier that delivers a maximum current of +/-10A with a rise time and fall time of only 150nsec. We do not (yet) offer a broad range of gradient amplifiers. However, if your system also requires a special solution than let us know.

RX/TX Switches

RX/TX Switches we offer as customized solution. Please contact us.

Customized Products

If you are looking for an amplifiers or another product that you could not find at our product overview pages please let us know. Often we can realize a different frequency range or a different power level without much effort. Also special requirements, e.g. interfaces or sophisticated features, we are happy to consider. Our customers appreciate the application focused design and the open dialog that is necessary to tailor an optimized product.

We are looking forward to hearing from your requirement!

Besides the design and production of state of the art amplifiers we also offer repair and service for amplifiers from other manufacturers (AMT Herley, Dressler, et.al.).

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