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For the plasma technology you will find here narrowband and broadband generators. The generators deliver RF and VHF signals. Moreover we offer matching networks, phase locked signal generators, filters, and coaxial switches. Our devices are suitable plasma systems that apply the electrical asymmetry effect.

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The various methods of the spectroscopy – NMR/MRI, ESR/EPR, ENDOR, et al. – need radio frequency pulse power amplifiers. Here you will find narrowband and broadband amplifiers; for 1.5 Tesla systems and below, for 3-Tesla, 7-Tesla, 9.4-Tesla, and 11.7-Tesly systems. The amplifiers allow for the specific requirements of these applications. For antenna arrays we also offer multi-channel amplifiers. Moreover, we offer gradient amplifiers and RX/TX switches.

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You have an AMT amplifier that requires service? We repair devices from other manufacturers – not only from AMT.

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barthel RF Generator at the international Space Station ISS

Since autumn 2014 two barthel RF generators are used at the International Space Station (ISS). They are part of a plasma system that has been designed by the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in order to research dusty plasma. The generator we designed according the specification and in close cooperation with...