The applications of our customers from research and industry are manifold and fascinating. For them we design best solutions. We conceive something completely new and revert to a great number of  modules. Or we modify one of our standard products. The best solution is our goal. It is as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. Please contact us.


Plasma Technology

For the  Plasma-Technology you will find here generators and matching networks: 13.56MHz or any other frequency in the LF, HF, and VHF band, narrow band or broad band. Also accessories are available and all you need to apply the electrical asymmetry effect.

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The various methods of the Spectroscopy – NMR/MRI, ESR/EPR, ENDOR, et al. – need Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifiers. You will find narrowband and broadband amplifiers suitable for system with a fieldstrength of up to 14.1 Tesla. For antenna arrays we also offer Multi-channel Amplifiers. Moreover, we offer Shim Supplies, linear Gradient Amplifiers and RX/TX Switches.

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Particle Acceleration

For the Particle Acceleration we manufacture RF Pulse Power Amplifiers that are optimized for the specific accelerator. These semi conductor based amplifiers usually work as driver.

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Dielectric Heating

For the RF Welding or bending of plastic tubes or foiles we offer RF Generators and Matching Networks as Customized Solutions.

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Service & Repair

Repair & Service

You have an AMT amplifier that requires service? We provide Repair & Service for devices from other manufacturers – not only from AMT.

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